09/08/2015 – Trigga-Who Run Tingz (2015)

Manchester legend gets time to shine thanks to producer fans



In certain circles Trigga is as big as they get. For the past five to ten years he’s flawlessly MC-ed and appeared on handfuls of tracks and at live events. Now he’s having a well-earned moment in the sun thanks to a couple of his biggest supporters, up and coming rappers/producers, namley Chimpo and Sam Binga, with debut single Who Run Tingz/MCR on Ninja Tune offshoot Girls Music.



To put it mildly, it’s a monster. It should have enough filthy beats and dirty bassline for Grime purists, but it’s also catchy as hell, meaning that once you’ve heard it, it’s hard not to play it again and again and again. Who Run Tingz is basically a love letter to Trigga and Chimpo’s home of Manchester, while bigging up the producers and MC’s who are currently on the scene at the moment while local scenes Sheffield, Leeds, and Nottingham all get a mention too.



The B-Side MCR, again about his home of Manchester, is chocka block of dirty basslines and filthy breakbeats. But, just like Who Run Tingz, it’s the lyrical content that is the main event. Any track that name checks JD Sports, New Order, Marks and Spencer’s, Joy Division and ex Manchester United defender Wes Brown, gets my seal of approval!
















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  1. Amar Naik said:

    your knowledge is vast 🙂 happy to be your blog reader

  2. Not too big a fan of rap, but it does get the adrenaline pumping!

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