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East London slacker collective kick summer into check with new EP



Some albums and EP’s feel like damp squibs after the initial hype and weeks of waiting for the release day. Others feel like a breath of fresh air on a particularly hot and muggy day in the city. You know those days when you can smell the underground downwind from 1000 meters, your shoes get all tacky on the tarmac and you have to get a restraining order for your underwear as they got to intimate. Then that sudden change of breeze and everything cools down for a bit and you can get to the nearest spot of shade, have a pleasant moment in an otherwise baffling and baking day. The new Zooz EP is that breath of fresh air.



Another Day in the Sun opens to the sound of waves crashing on the shore while twangy shimmering guitars underpin the melancholic lyrics “Just another day in the sun. I come undone”, lyrics that are half sung, half confessed. Acoustic guitars build and brood until they sound like 50ft tall waves and you can see Mike and Kieron atop playing their instruments while they gracefully surf to shore. The whole thing closes to the sound of nattering seagulls. It’s business as usual on True Love. Deeply personal lyrics ground the whole piece while incandescent guitars and drums glisten around them. The only downside is the outro is too abrupt and kills the song too quickly. Surf in the Storm brings the EP to a close. Just like how a star player that is left until the end to be introduced, so the other members get their time in the sun before being eclipsed, Surf in the Storm does this. It doesn’t boast, or mock the other songs, but we all know who the main event is.



Like most bands who make music that is slightly off-kilter to the mainstream, Zooz had an instant buzz and there was a clamouring by labels for the band to sign to them for that all important first single. Luckily Kieron and Mike chose those purveyors of all things lo-fi and great Superfan 99. Let’s hope this partnership continues for another couple of days in the sun and doesn’t end in wipeout.









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