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Spanish New Gazers provide an alternative soundtrack for the Costa Del Rock



Recently there has been a renaissance in Spain for all things indie. Bands like Beach Beach and The Parrots have been putting out glorious releases that not only embrace their collective influences and loves but sound phenomenal. Now The Zephyr Bones are joining this every growing list.



Clocking in at just twelve minutes the Wishes/Fishes EP delivers massive impact over a short period of time. Musically it is uplifting and jangling and after listening to it you’re Vitamin D levels feel raised. But all is not what it seems. With song titles as Weird Summer, Get Away From the Coast and Let’s Spit Our Bones into the Sea, gives a hint that all is not well. Could this be a package tour organised and curated by David Lynch or JG Ballard?



Opening track Weird Summer sees the drums and guitars call and response against each other. This works really well as you’re anticipating the next attack of either drums of guitars. The chorus is sublime “It’s the weirdest summer we ever had”. Get Away From the Coast follows on the New Gazing vibes. Slower and more refined it’s the musical version of sunbathing, late night seafood tapas dinners, while holiday psychosis breaks out on the tables around you. Los Cocodrilos has a drone quality to it as the rhythm section barely gets out of first gear, but this change in tone shows off that The Zephyr Bones don’t just do bangers. The star of the show however is Let’s Spit Our Bones into the Sea. Sounding similar to Blur-She’s So High, the song twists and turns, very much like the Vuelta a España, until the delightful outro.



Wishes/Fishes isn’t your usual Spanish summer holiday soundtrack. Instead of massive beats and maracas, crunching guitars jostle with lurid synths while under pinning whole thing by vocals that drift over you, like subtle hint of sea salt in the air as your walk to and from the sea front restaurant as the sun slowly sets behind a fishing port or marina.









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