04/08/2015 – Furnsss-Manic Pixie Dream Girl (2015)

Teen’s from American’s Heartland up the ante on new EP



Furnsss have done something very clever. They’ve pulled off the oldest trick in the book. Making some look easy. While their music sounds like half-baked jam tracks, they aren’t, and their playing is slapdash and amateur, it’s not, they’ve given the impression that they don’t care, or this is some joke. In a way this might be true, but you don’t joke around with songs of this quality.



Since the end of June we’ve been counting down to the release of Furnsss’ new EP New Moves. Like their previous releases it’s a disjointed ramble through slacker rock, lo-fi indie, while being peppered with melodious hooks and catchy guitar lines. Considering that the band graduated from high school this year, it’s even more impressive.



The themes of New Moves are nothing new, teenage angst, unrequited love and having fun with friends, but what is different is the starkly honest lyrics, they almost seem like a stream of consciousness at times, and the level and scope of musicality. Instead of writing songs in the vein of anthemic stadium rock bands, or blending Socio-political punk pop or riffing to an inch of their lives, Furnsss have chosen to follow a path not as well trodden. Namely fuzzed out shambolic lo-fi indie.



Where Furnsss differ from their peers is not only that they have something to say, they do, but the way they approach composition is refreshing. Instead of a wall of feedback, hundred miles an hour drums and shouty raspy vocals, they’ve cocooned themselves in displaced guitar lines, confused organs and abject vocals to create an atmosphere of coherent mayhem.



In a short period of time Furnsss are slowly amassing a loyal cult following. This is backed up by New Moves being released on cooler than thou New York label 80N7. If Furnsss keep their heads down and keep squirreling away in basements, garages and low rent rehearsal rooms, they’ll have material that will surpass their already flawless back catalogue. Oh how I envy their position…
















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  1. Nick, how do you keep up with all these groups? Amazing!

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