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8bit ghetto swag bass music



Over the past few years French producer Big Dope P has been making a name for himself on the bass music scene. When not remixing the crème de la crème he’s playing all over the world for adoring crowds. In April he released the amazing Hit Da Blokk EP, somehow he’s now managed to find time to create a track for Activia Benz’



Still Hood showcases his unique brand of bass heavy Hip-Hop and electro beats that have set him aside from his peers. Opening with woozy synths, but it isn’t until thirty seconds in when the track starts to come into its own. Heavily flanged samples rub shoulders with heavy basslines and downtempo beats. A retro feel permeates the music, and the backing track sounds like it was lifted straight from a NES game. If anyone ever made a soundsystem out of Game Boy speakers, this would be the music they played through it.



The only thing that slightly ruins the track are the vocals. They don’t really say anything and the Still Hood refrain would have been find on its own. Having said that this is another example of if you look underneath the commercial top layer of electronica and dance music, there is plenty of good stuff going on.








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