31/07/2015 – Lydian Collective-Loops (2014)

As the 30th Ealing Jazz Festival rolls on, all eyes are on the South Stage to provide its usual blend of quirky, dance oriented jazz for Saturday afternoon and evening. This year they’ve surpassed themselves as there are some hidden gems, if you need an antidote to the main stage.



Lydian Collective



Kicking Saturday afternoon off in fine fashion are the Lydian Collective. Their brand of instrumental fusion should have enough groove and intricacy for jazz connoisseurs as well as people enjoying listening to music in the sun. Be at the South Stage from 14:30 or miss out on something remarkable!





Paul Carmichael’s Flight



On the Main Stage from 15:45 Paul Carmichael’s Flight are adding some funky grooves to the proceedings. It’s jazz with a soul pop twist thanks for guest vocalist Vanessa Haynes. They’ll be doing numbers from their album Wax is Melting as well as some well-known and lesser known covers. This has lazy Saturday afternoon written all over it!





Smitty’s Big Four



Smitty’s Big Four bring the good times with their Dixieland flavours. What’s most striking about the Big Four is their age. The whole band are virtuosos in their respective disciplines but they’re hungry for success and that all important round of applause at the end of every song. They’ll be on stage on the South Stage from 16:00. It’s perfect music for a late lunch, or a mid-afternoon bop.





Immigrant Swing



Following on the heels of Smitty’s Big Four its Immigrant Swing. This Bristol based Riot Swing outfit somehow incorporate Gypsy Jazz, Blues, Mediterranean Folk and Hip Hop to every song without it ever sounding cluttered or forced. MCspokeMao’s version of beat poetry is something that needs to be seen live! Oh you better bring your dancing shoes that this one might get jiggy…





Nomad Collective



Just when you thought that the South Stage couldn’t get any more diverse and eclectic Nomad Collective come along. Slowing things down a bit after Immigrant Swing, their brand of laidback global jazz is the perfect thing to sit and rest your tired feet. With over a dozen members from various countries around the World all making London their home, Nomad Collective isn’t just a name, it’s a way of life. Come, sit and chill to their world music vibes.





The Fontanas


The Fontanas bring the South Stage to a close the only way they know how, with a Latin street party. What the Fontanas do best isn’t just reserved to jazz circles, oh no, what they do best is bring collectives of people together and get them to dance and have a good time. Their unique brand of upbeat Latin infused Ska is the perfect way to end a great day of live music.

















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  1. So unlike your previous posts. Not only the change in musical genre, but the multiple groups discussed in one day. thanks for the introduction to these groups. LOVE the music.

  2. A very interesting post. I also noticed that you’d changed the genre. I’ve been listening to a lot of 70’s & 80’s music recently!

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