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New York Neo-Psychedelic trio come up with the good on new single, as if they wouldn’t…



Something has to be said for keeping it simple. Intro, verses, choruses and outro. That’s exactly what Sunflower Bean deliver on new single ‘I Heart Voices’. On paper this might not sound that exciting, but listening to it is another thing. Opening with a steady thumpy bass riff until the guitar and drums join in, things look to be going on a Sabbath vein until a minute in they change gear and Sunflower Bean let rip. Before they were poodling around keeping to the speed limit, then they’re speeding around the M25 with the top down.



What separates Sunflower Bean apart from their peers is in Julia Cumming and Nick Kivlen they have an upfront that rivals anyone else. Their call and response vocals are mesmerising and the complement each perfectly. Cumming’s higher range floats delicately above Kiveln’s more monotone delivery. They also have the musical chops to dish out massive slabs of riffage, and know when to reel it in and slow it down. I Hear Voice is a masterclass in this.



After hearing something that is nigh on perfect you start to worry. Not whether they are the real deal, they are, but where can they go from here? Hopefully from the toilet circuit to the main stage! In four minutes they’ve decimated their competition. As Beyoncé once sang “Baby, you doin’ something right, You just cancelled every other man here”, remove man and insert band and B’s got it right!









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