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Telegram show they aren’t a flash in the pan with new single



After jumping into our collective consciousness earlier in the year with the wonderfully catch and filthy Inside Outside on Speedy Wunderground, Telegram are back with new single Aeons. Following on from Inside Outside, Aeons shows this wasn’t a one-time deal.



The Post-Punk has been turned up, but not at the expense of the song’s pop sensibility. Think Gang of Four covering Sweet. Massive chugging riffs do battle with Matt Saunders’ jittering vocals to create something that is as off settling as it is captivating, like the feeling you get when you watch a wildlife documentary and a predator is chasing its prey. You know deep down what’s going to happen, the orca is going to toy and then eat the seal, but you can’t not watch. The same is true for Aeons. From the opening slabs of guitars and vocals, you have to follow it through to the end, regardless of how much the intensity gets cranked.



Whether Telegram will be remembered for aeons will remain to be see, but three singles in, they’ve definitely started to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The big test will be when they eventually release their debut long player. Will Telegram’s verve for glam inspired incendiary indie motorik goodness be overkill on an album? We’ll have to wait and see, but given the strength of these three singles, it should be worth hanging around for.









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