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Landon alt indie pop trio Peluché live up to the hype on new single



Hype can be a curse. When you release anything it is examined under a microscope, and if its deemed to be less than your previous efforts, you are written off and your career might be over before it started. Just look at whatshisname and thatbandwiththehairandtightjeans. Luckily Peluché not only live up the hype on new single The Guy with the Gammy Eye, they exceed it.



In five minutes Peluché ardently slant from pop, disco, psychedelica, indie and dance effortlessly whiler simultaneously drifting back to their original idea, then the process starts again. The Guy with the Gammy Eye starts with lead singer Rhapsody Gonzalez is stuck in a shoegazing voetex, while Amy Maskell and Sophie Lowe try to dislodge her by throwing in immense riffs and loops. Once Gonzalez is freed and back with the band the song really comes alive. Surreal lyrics and a smudge of paranoia are backed with dancey psych pop. Oh and when it changes tempo, it’s like having the best dream, waking up and realising it was real.



Dan Carey, mastermind behind Speedy Wunderground, has picked another amazing up and coming band and inflicted his ‘pure’ idea of producing, the song was written and recorded in 24 hours. This isn’t where Carey’s influence ends, oh no, the swarmatron gets another outing, you know that bit that sounds like a swarm of bees have taken refuge in the studio? That’s the swarmatron.



As with all Speedy releases this is limited to 250, so better get in now or you’ll lose out on August 10th when it’s officially released…









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