24/07/2015 – Jump 66-Shake Your Boogie (2014)

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This weekend the annual Ealing Blues Festival. Those of you who have been know what a wonderful thing it is, those who haven’t, shame on you! Here is a quick rundown of who and where to see on Saturday.



The Bronsons will be hitting the South Stage at 15:30 – 16:30 on Saturday. Their hybrid of Pub Rock meets Rhythm and Blues will give everyone a burst of musical sunshine, even if the real Sun isn’t out.





Tommy Allen is a musical journeyman, if ever there was one. Playing along side Lazy Lester, Otis Taylor and Big Joe Turner, along with pop acts like Sugababes, Allen has a CV to envy. Trafficker is the outlet for his own compositions though. Their brand of heavy riffs with intricate solos makes them a must see. They’ll be on the main stage from 15:45.





Mumbo Jumbo are an acoustic trio from the Midlands. If you think Three Bonzo’s and a Piano, you’re on the right tracks. They’re songs are about the life experience of seasoned musicians, and are heavily laden with humour and pathos. Anyone near the South Stage at 17:00 on Saturday is in for a treat.




Spikedrivers are something that needs to be seen. Channelling Blind Lemon Jefferson and Big Bill Broonzy, but with a contemporary twist, along with an ad hoc approach to percussion they are a must see. Oh keep an eye out for the human washboard player… They will be setting the main stage alight from 17:30.





Mark Harrison makes the kind of music that is impossible not to listen to. Full of clever hooks and witty arrangements he is slowly making a name for himself in rootys blues scene. Musically he is similar to Alabama 3, but stripped back and not as lairy. Harrison’s set at 18:45 on the South Stage will be perfect for when the Sun starts to dip behind the tree line.





Ealing’s Devil Drivers have taken the blueprint that the Vaughn brothers laid down and have re-written it. High energy playing, ridiculous solos and a heavy dose of self referential lyrics mean that their 19:30 Main Stage set will have a little something for everyone.





Jump 66 sound like they’ve listened to nothing but blues, rocksteady, rock ‘n’ roll and ska. The musical developments of 20th Centuries have passed them by, but when they make music this good, you can’t really blame them. If you’ve come for a dance, then Jump 66 are the band for you! This year they have the honour of closing the South Stage from 20:30 until 10





Dom and The Ikos take their name and sound from New Orleans. As expected they’ve played with some of the biggest names of the New Orleans scene from Maceo Parker to the Night Tripper himself Dr. John. Anyone who is into this music will not want to miss their headline slot on the Main Stage from 21:00 – 22:30. They also have the honour of closing the first day too. See you there then!



So there you have it! As the music is taken care of all we really need is a bit of luck with the weather and we’ll have the best weekend of the year so far!












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  1. Really liked Jump66. And thus reminds me of a festival no longer around (to which I ‘infected’ my kids) when the radio satin was purchased and ‘sanitized’. The HFSESTIVAL is missed.

  2. I really miss watching bands on stage. No one seems to do that in my area anymore. Unless it is thrash metal band. I must travel an hour or so to do so. Not having a vehicle right now. I really do miss it. I love listening to bands in the summer time. Thank you for writing this post and exposing me to even more music. I would never of found without reading this post.

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