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Eclectic psychedelic electronica producer returns with fifth album next month



Kelpe records sound like no one else. You can never quite put your finger on it, but you know immediately its Kelpe. In the past he’s brand of psychedelic downbeat electronic hip-hop has grabs you by your ears and not let go until the final seconds of the last track. Kelpe’s 2013 album Forth: The Golden Eagle was a high water mark of the year and his best work so far. It showcased not only his ability to pick the choicest cuts to sample, but also to pick them apart. Lead track Double of Everything, taken from his fifth album The Curved Line follows this pattern.



Opening with a haunting piano and plenty of glitch, Double of Everything slowly builds up until a subtle wall of sound has been created. Tight breakbeats and illusive basslines form a tight backbone for the tracks synths to swell and recede. Paradoxically it’s ethereal, but in your face. Like a Ghost materialising to scare you, then disappearing as soon as you’re a whimpering wreck with no memory of what happened. At times it sounds like a reworking of the Radiohead classic Everything in its Right Place, but you know less guitary and more haunting and beaty.



Whether the rest of the album will be in this vein remains to be seen, but so far Kelpe has given us something to look forward to next month. Not only the promise of another flawless album, but another insight into the mind of one of the most underrated producers working today.









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