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Day Wave’s debut EP proves that all that glitters is not gold



“I’m not a kid anymore” is the opening line on Jackson Philips AKA Day Wave’s debut EP. This line permeates the entire Headcase EP. Throughout its five tracks and twenty minutes Day Wave is constantly coming to terms with being an adult, leaving behind the boundaries of childhood and now not really sure what to do with his time. As he continues on opening track Nothing at All “I wake up at 1. So what am I good for? Besides trying to have fun. I do whatever I want, But I still want more. I do whatever I want, Why am I still bored?” What makes this even more effective is the gloriously upbeat music that backs it. Jangling guitars cut through slabs of synths and drum beats.



Total Zombie is classic break up song. Lines like “Just turn around and then you’ll walk away”, “Let me close your heart, it just takes time” and “Cause I’m such a total zombie, and you’re gone, honey” could only have been written by someone who has had their heart broken. We Try But We Don’t Fit is the EP’s stand out track. With lyrics like “I made a mess, with all of my friends. I Made a mess, and I’ll do it again” It’s an ode to never learning from mistakes and not caring.



Day Wave’s debut is a perfect snap shot of someone coming of age, and realising they can’t just muck about with their friends getting into petty scrapes and having late nights anymore. They need a purpose or they’ll go mad from boredom. Through insightful lyrics, Day Wave also shows us that he’s not a tourist, and these are things that he’s either lived through, or totally believes in. And it’s this level of authenticity that makes Headcase and exciting listen and Day Wave and exhilarating prospect for the future.









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