Daily Archives: July 13, 2015

Bristol’s empirical savant unleashes new track ahead of next months album release



Last year saw MXLX ditch all his studio trickery and release a straight up acoustic album Go Away. I know, we were shocked too, but the resulting album containted some of the most achingly honest and brutal songs MXLX has ever released. He followed this up with two EP’s of teeth melting music, and it appeared to be business as usual, but next month MXLX releases Troubleds on Bristol’s Bulb Records.



Lead track O Faithful Erection is about as stripped back you can get. It is prominently just MXLX’s vocals and a tenderly picked guitar. While Go Away was a dark, almost drone affair, O Faithful Erection feels more hopeful and is less claustrophobic and oppressive. This is a subtle change and MXLX’s previous music. Whether Troubleds will all be in their vein or not will be revealed when the album is released in August. For now we can only speculate, but if the rest of Troubleds is at the same high quality of O Faithful Erection then we are in store for an absolute treat!