Daily Archives: July 12, 2015

Boys do it again with another slice of bedroom Summer pop



West London’s Boys are up to their usual tricks and have unleashed another slice of woozy lo-fi surf pop. Ocean has a starker sound than previous singles Summer of Love, Off to New York City and Nice Guys, which showcases Boys ability to not just write lo-fi bedroom pop.



Bewildered melodies convolute and twist around wistful and melancholic vocals providing the perfect soundtrack to quiet moments of introspection after a glorious day. In short Ocean conjures up walking along the prom as the Sun descends and disappears into the sea on the horizon. The air is slightly cooler and this results in goosebumps on you bare legs. You quicken your pace and head toward the nearest beacon of warmth to plot your next move. Well that’s how I found it anyway.




Despite the problem their name poses to search for them online, the future for Boys, along with the West London live scene looks healthy. If they are capable of writing music of this quality and emotional depth at this stage of their career, it can’t be long before a debut long player graces our ears.