Daily Archives: July 11, 2015

Australian shoegazing duo channel past, present and future on debut EP



Forever sound like old hands as on new their Demonstration EP. However this couldn’t be further from the truth, as it is in fact their debut release. This hotly tipped Australian duo make the kind of music that fits conjures up the bombastic sound of My Bloody Valentine, but with elegant ethereal vocal flourishes of Liz Fraser on lead vocals. This is sway-pop at its best!



The EP starts with Yucatan, through Dony Milar’s woozy guitar lines, Sam George-Allen’s vocals appear like lampposts on a fogging night illuminating the way. Quickly they soar through the murky wall of sound and wrap around, imbuing the listen with a sense of security. After this majestic start Heart of Ice follows the blueprint perfectly. Walls of sound drenched in delay and longing are shredded by a striking vocal workout.



Midas at Night sounds like a cover of the Falling (Theme from Twin Peaks). George Allen’s vocals take on a Julee Cruise vibe, but its Milar’s playing that really evoke Angelo Badalamenti’s haunting score, with lurid menacing guitars. This is the stand out track on the EP! Forgive closes the EP just as it started, slow moving swaths walls of sound float past you. While you are engulfed in the ether George-Allen’s voice is a shining light that leads you to through the vortex of sound to the end of the track.



What Forevr have showcased on their deubt EP, is that the shoegazing genre isn’t dead, not by a long shot. They have breathed life into an aging genre through clever composition and vocal astuteness. Rumour has it that are now working on a longplayer. If this is anything to go by it was be an incredible piece of work. Let’s hope it doesn’t take forevr to see the hazy light of day.