10/07/2015 – Diet Cig-Sleep Talk (2015)

Twee-pop duo prove they’re the real deal on new single



Earlier in the year Diet Cig released their debut EP. Nothing that out of the ordinary really, but the contents of the Over Easy EP was. In ten minutes Diet Cig ran the gambit of relationships, work, school and most importantly the apprehension of leaving childhood and becoming an adult. Again all this in ten minutes was pretty impressive. Over Easy wasn’t perfect, there was a simplicity to the music. While the songs were at a high tempo, you knew when the chord changes were going to happen. Lyrically there wasn’t much to separate them from a dozen other indie pop bands, but Alex Luciano’s sugar sweet vocals really drew you in to their world and made you feel at home, but for a debut EP is was, and still is, great.



Now Diet Cig have announced their next single Sleep Talk will be out in late August, being released through Father/Daughter Records in the US and in the UK by those purveyors of everything lo-fi Art is Hard. Opening line “I can’t play instruments very well and I’ll eat all of your cereal. But I’ll never be a smoker ‘cuz the second cigarette makes me feel like shit” sounds like something a character would say in a Lena Dunham script. And this is the beauty of Sleep Talk. The lyrics sound like snippets of conversations you hear while walking around town, or waiting for someone in a café or pub. You know you should listen in, but you get a thrill of hearing something you should. When Luciano sings, in her beautifully sugary tones, “If I came to your apartment had a chat with your girlfriend. I bet she’d make me coffee before I told her ‘bout you and me” you know that this isn’t your standard twee-pop song.



Ultimately this is song that is uncomfortably mindful about infidelity, but it doesn’t try and make excuses. And there is something charming about that. After all the hype and praised lavished on Over Easy, it’s great to see Diet Cig return with something that not only proves all the adulation was warranted, but surpasses the original. All the weaknesses have been addressed and Diet Cig are starting to look like the real deal!














  1. Scott said:

    Yep, this is not of my taste. I knew it the minute I saw the word twee-pop!

  2. suepainter said:

    DietCig? Whew! Thanks for introducing me to these musicians.

  3. I guess if you’re a youngster you’d like the sugary tones of the lead singer.

  4. Amar Naik said:

    not the ones i like 😦 but i guess they might have some fan base

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