08/07/2015 – Zooz-Surf in the Storm (2015)

East London bedroom pop group create a storm with latest announcement



Big things are on the cards for Zooz. Not only do they create mesmerising lo-fi slacker DIY surf pop with wild abandon, trust me they do, but they’ve just been signed to Superfan 99, purveyors in all things charming, laid back and lo-fi. This seems like a match made in heaven.



Zooz first emerged earlier this year after main songwriter Kieron returned from a sojourn in California with a broken heart and some ideas for songs. He contacted Mike (he of YOOFS fame) and the two quickly formed Zooz. The Sun of California was replaced with the gloom of an East London rehearsal space, but it’s this combination that proves to be so vital for Zooz’ songs. The upbeat and playful nature of the music (California’s Sun) coupled with slightly melancholic lyrics (London’s general forlorn nature).



Shortly Surf in the Storm appeared on Soundcloud and with no fanfare interest was whipped up by mentions on music blogs and a hat being doffed by NME. Sounding like the Pixies having a laid back jam in Hawaii after watching Greg Knoll surfing the “swell of the century” in Hawaii in December 1969. Woozy guitars interlace with vivid bass all the while deliciously benign lyrics counterpoint everything together.



Their debut EP is out in August through Superfan 99. Just like Noll’s 25 foot wave, this looks set to be a talking point for years to come. To avoid bombing out on this release you better get your orders in quickly as this is one that isn’t going to be around for long!














  1. Nick! I’ve totally never heard of Zooz but I’m totally digging this tune. It’s got such a funky feel to it, love that this kinda music is making it’s way back around. Good pick for the day!

  2. I really enjoyed that, and I see what you mean about it having a Pixies feel to it. I’ve never heard of Supefan 99 before. Is that an online music thing?

  3. Amar Naik said:

    never heard of this group earlier. but thier tracks look promising

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