Daily Archives: July 6, 2015

Glasgow quartet get all cinematic on debut EP



Outblinker are quickly becoming my new favourite band. Pink’s opening loop is reminiscent of John Carpenter’s 1976 Escape from Precinct 13. This is an excellent reference point. In the film a small suburban police station is getting ready to close its doors after budget cuts. A local gang called Street Thunder have sworn a cholo against the city. While the boxes are being packed, and the gang plot their next move, a dangerous prisoner is en-route to death row in a prison bus. One of the other inmates gets sick and they stop at Precinct 13. On top of this a member of the public who recently revenged the death of daughter, due to Street Thunder activity, arrives at Precinct 13 for sanctuary. The rest of the film is a battle in which the police have to side with deadly convicts to defeat Street Thunder.



What does this have to do with the debut release by a Glaswegian Post-Rock band with Krautrock and electronica leanings? Quite a lot. Both the original score/film and Pink pulsate and throb with tension and intrigue. They keep us on the edge of our seats, as you don’t know what’s going to next, or where the story/song will go. Pink is driven by a ‘simple’ riff that twists and turns its way through eleven minutes, while other instruments and effects are added and subtracted to keep everything exciting and moving forward.





Blue, the B-Side, is another wild ride into the unknown. This time things are more industrial. Stark guitars and loops are interlaced, while slightly undecipherable robotic vocals fill any gaps left. If Pink was reminiscent of Assault on Precinct 13, Blue is reminiscent of the original Terminator. There is a sense of foreboding as the track stalks you. It’s a moodier and gloomy affair, but none the less exciting and riveting.



In a perverse way I wish I had never heard this EP. Firstly because I’ll never be able to again for the first time. To not know where the EP will go next or what will happen after the next chord change. Secondly because now I just want more from this exciting and incendiary group.