Daily Archives: July 3, 2015

The Shape of things to strum



The Parrot’s debut EP is dripping in debauchery. The title slightly gives this away. Recorded during a booze and weed bender, it shows the ups and downs of parting. The Parrots themselves describe the time thus “The EP is about traveling to play our next show with empty pockets and a will to play our music.” This nomadicity comes definitely across as the music doesn’t sound like it belongs to a set city or scene. “The songs were written at a time when alcohol and weed were present every day. As a result, life was confusing and kind of out of control, followed by terrible hangovers surrounded by dirt, drinking sangria and eating Chinese noodles.” they recently said.



Terror kicks off the EP with a musical slap in the face, then a warm embrace after to show there are no hard feelings. It does more in one minute twenty than most bands do in an album. Sounding like a faster, heavier lo-fi version of the Seeds, its unrelenting riff will make you a diehard fan after ten seconds. White Fang is just fun. Its big, dumb riffs and scorching solos make you want to pick up a guitar, run out into the street and shout “WHO WANTS TO START A BAND?!?”. It’s basically an updated version of the Sonics’ Strychnine.



To The People Who Showed Me Love While I Was Here is the start of the musical comedown. It’s slower, melodic and slightly slurred. All My Loving is a cover of the Almighty Defenders. Here the Parrots show they are capable to not just writing their own material, but reinterpreting. It is one of the EP’s stand out moments.



Near the end of the EP, the Parrots are flagging due to their chemical intake. The songs are more reflective and prove that what comes up must come down. Also there are signs that this binge has come at a cost “I’m breaking down” they bemoan.



Weed for the Parrots showcases the Parrots are one of the most exciting and exhilarating new bands at the moment. After the quality of this EP, it can’t be long before a long player rears its ugly head, red eyed and demanding a drink.