01/07/2015 – Harley Alexander-Gold Shirt (2015)

Canadian lo-fi song smith releases second album with little fanfare, but one hell of a punch!



For just over a year Harley Alexander has been releasing exquisite bedroom indie pop on a handful of labels. His inclusion on 80N7’s All American Edition was one of the comps standout moments. He’s now returned, with his backing band The Universal Lovers to release his second album Gold Shirt.



Like his previous releases Gold Shirt is overflowing with delightful melodies and vocal harmonies to make you long for the feeling of the Sun warming you in a deckchair in the park. All around you there is the explosion of sound and colour that comes from a bit of unexpected Sun in the city, but you’re oblivious and zoned, due to vibe Gold Shirt is kicking out. This is the kind of music Mystery Jets would have made on their Summer holidays while being a bit tipsy from their Dad’s dumpy French lagers.



Everything here is on purpose and nothing has been left to chance. The music is delicate, yet callous. Defiant yet submissive. Provocative yet intoxicating. The real power of not just Harley Alexander and the Universal Lovers, but Gold Shirt itself is that you can play it before you go out to get in the mood for fun and the unknown, yet you can also play it when you’ve got in to wind down and reflect on your excursion.



If you’re like me, and hopefully you are, as soon as you’ve finished the first track you’ll have ordered your copy. This is an album that can only get better with age!













  1. Thanks for sharing “Harley Alexander & The Universal Lovers” with me. I love discovering new groups that resonate with me. I can easily listen to them while working, as I unwind at the end of the day, and even while enjoy dinner.

    Thanks again for introducing them to me!

  2. Wow, I had actually instantly fallen in love with the song. Great Job!

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