Daily Archives: July 1, 2015

Canadian lo-fi song smith releases second album with little fanfare, but one hell of a punch!



For just over a year Harley Alexander has been releasing exquisite bedroom indie pop on a handful of labels. His inclusion on 80N7’s All American Edition was one of the comps standout moments. He’s now returned, with his backing band The Universal Lovers to release his second album Gold Shirt.



Like his previous releases Gold Shirt is overflowing with delightful melodies and vocal harmonies to make you long for the feeling of the Sun warming you in a deckchair in the park. All around you there is the explosion of sound and colour that comes from a bit of unexpected Sun in the city, but you’re oblivious and zoned, due to vibe Gold Shirt is kicking out. This is the kind of music Mystery Jets would have made on their Summer holidays while being a bit tipsy from their Dad’s dumpy French lagers.



Everything here is on purpose and nothing has been left to chance. The music is delicate, yet callous. Defiant yet submissive. Provocative yet intoxicating. The real power of not just Harley Alexander and the Universal Lovers, but Gold Shirt itself is that you can play it before you go out to get in the mood for fun and the unknown, yet you can also play it when you’ve got in to wind down and reflect on your excursion.



If you’re like me, and hopefully you are, as soon as you’ve finished the first track you’ll have ordered your copy. This is an album that can only get better with age!






It’s safe to say that June has been one of the most enjoyable musical months I can remember. It was so good I didn’t want it to end!



Girlpool released an album that I don’t think we’ll get to the bottom of anytime soon.

Nozinja put out a slice of African day-glo house that is impossible to ignore with its massive basslines and tribal rhythms!

SOAK showed us that even in 2015 there is place to some tender ballads!

Malka unleashed her take on pop showing that the X-Factor brigade don’t really have a clue about pop at all!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra returned with an album that pushed their sound further than expected.

Kid Wave blew the dust outta our collective ears with their impressive debut.

Institute made us dust off our boots for moshing, despite the rising heat.

Brooklyn’s Ancient Sky got locked into the groove for their third album Mosaic.

Thisyearinmusic’s favourite bass music pioneer Ras G returned with the final instalment of the Raw Fruit saga.

Jenny Hval pushed not just musical boundaries on her career best Apocalypse Girl.

A Copy For Collapse showcased their brand of postpop with an ethereal and mesmermising album.

The Death of Pop released the call to arms against torpidity in the shame of Rayban Party

Killin Moon Records shoved New Moons 4 into a unexpected world. Yet again it was crammed full of the kind of songs that you can easily get obsessed about.

Loop returned form the perveribal dead with their first of the trio of releases.

On the live front Du Bellows returned after a few hectic months to prove they can still do it as a quartet.

London pop producer Sinah gave us a glimpse of their debut album. Excitement levels have been raised…

Piney Gir showed us that all you really need is fuzzed out guitars and sugary sweet vocals to have an amazing album. Nothing more, nothing else!



SO there you have it, June in all its glory.



What does July have to offer? If past years are anything to go by lots of jazz and blues! I for one cannot wait!