25/06/2015 – Skyes-Best Thing (2015)

Independent label continues compilation saga with tender fourth volume



The good people at Killing Moon Records have returned with the fourth volume in the New Moons saga. As with Volumes the previous volumes, they’ve showed us the best new, unsigned and undiscovered bands kicking around today. On previous albums they’ve stuck to indie, emo and rock, but on volume IV they’ve branched out to dream-pop, post-rock, neo soul and hip-hop.



Opening track Lake Summerene, by the aptly named Record Start gets things going in fine form. A heavy chugging riff permeants the track and the joyful vocal harmonies add a great addition to what was already a killer track. Best Thing by Sykes is a slice of forward thinking electro pop. 1980’s keyboard stabs intertwine with a surging bassline. The Kenneths update the power punk/pop formula and create something that is as infectious as it is playable. Killing Moon resident Remi Miles shows again why he is a shining light in the UK music scene. Boy Scout slow things down a bit with their slightly ambient, slightly electro skewed take in pop. Racing Glaciers close the album with the exquisite What I Saw. This slow burning indie pop song really put you through the ringer with its charged emotion and intricate playing.



Melody, melancholy and compassion run through New Moons: Volume IV. This is a subtle change from the bombastic visceral nature of volumes one to three. A couple of the tracks feel slightly out of place though. Moors’ track Gas sticks out like a sore thumb. While there is nothing particularly wrong with Gas, it’s a competent hip-hop track, next to lucid dream-pop, full on bangers and neo soul, it doesn’t really work. Yes we get that Killing Moon are trying to show us what else their into other than guitars, that’s cool, but maybe put out a comp that reflects this, instead of trying to segue it on to this album. Also its position as the second track shows that they’re happy to get it out of the way quickly, so the rest of the album flows. If this comp is anything to go by, the future looks bright for this London indie even if the music leads you believe something else.















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