24/06/2015 – The Death of Pop-Rayban Party (2015)

The Death of Pop release this Summer’s anthem with a twist



The Death of Pop are masters of writing songs that sound fantastic. They’ve always done it. Tell Me My Name is an insanely catchy, but moving song. Kiss Me Quickly carries more of a kick than its name belies. Whenever is a full on banger, chocked full of harmonies and woozy guitar-lines.



Over the winter they’ve been hibernating in various studios and rehearsal rooms plotting their next move. The first fruits of their labour, the Bubble Bath EP, is due for release in July, and it looks to continue their tradition of releasing exquisitely sounding music. To mark this announcement Rayban Party has been thrust out into the world. It’s a fast, frenetic slice of summer indie pop. What’s more form the opening lyrical guitar riff, to its beautiful harmonies Rayban Party is irrationally addictive. It screams “SUMMER IS HERE! CALL EVERYONE ONE AND LET’S HAVE A BBQ IN THE SUN.”



However if you dig a little deeper, you get a considerably different message. While the music is a gorgeous wash of summer fun, the vocals on the other hand are delivered with a sardonic deadpan precision last heard by Messer’s Bruce and Hicks. Rayban Party is a call to arms against the torpidity and banality of modern culture. It’s a middle finger to anyone who aspires and admires the moral ambiguity that the Entourage and Made in Chelsea is pushing. The army of ‘hipsters’ who think just because they’re wearing bright orange Raybans it makes them somehow aloof from the rest of humanity and it’s their given right to twat about with their mate Tarquin in financial sales.



Sorry about that, I don’t know what came over me. Rayban Party is basically a protest song dressed up as a massive slice of Summer shoegazing fun. You can either see the irony and despondence in the lyrics or you can just think it’s about you and your Bru’s having a great time with your guns out in the sun wearing your sunnies. It’s down to you.














  1. You write about music so well, Nick. Thanks for your take on what their music is about.

  2. Amar Naik said:

    it is really addictive 🙂

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