23/06/2015 – Dog-All Dressed Up Not Dancing (2015)

South West school leavers look set to start a revolution

When Art is Hard started their mission statement was simple. Finding out and releasing music by exciting South West Bands. As they put it “f you didn’t live in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall or Somerset your name wasn’t down and you weren’t coming in” As with all great sweeping statements, it didn’t last long, but they have always keep their eyes, and ears, in their catchment area. For the sixth edition of the Hand Cut Record Club, quickly becoming my main reason for time to speed forward every two to three weeks, they’ve picked a band close to their heart and more importantly close to their home. Dog meet the world, the world this is Dog.

This trio from Devon haven’t been around too long but they are looking to create a stir. Debut track Pills appeared online three months ago, and with its lazy 1990’s slacker cool ethos it’s almost impossible not to play on a loop for hours. It showed that while Devon might be off the musical map, historically speaking, that there are band out there who, well, don’t care and are making achingly gorgeous music.

New song All Dressed Up Not Dancing, Hand Cut Record Club #6, shows a deft skill for melancholy and understatement. For three and a half minutes the song bubbles along and rarely gets out of second gear, until the turmoil laden outro. Yes it doesn’t need it, that’s not the point. This is lo-fi, and lo-key slacker pop at its best. What’s most surprising is that the jaunty keyboard is the star of the show, it gives All Dressed Up Not Dancing space to breath as it isn’t being over powered by an oppressive guitar and limited vocals.

What Dog represent is a feeling that you don’t need to come from cultural hotspots like London, Manchester, Leeds or Brighton to get noticed and make vibrantly exciting music. This isn’t the last we’ve heard from this Devon trio, and that is something we should all get dressed up and dance about!








  1. I would have never heard of this song if it weren’t for you, I’m digging it too!!

  2. This is the first I heard of this song or artist. My 14 yr old daughter absolutely loves it.

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