22/06/2015 – A Copy for Collapse-Dusk (2015)

Italian Chillwave duo deliver the goods, and more on their exquisite second album

Chillwave is a bit of a dirty word. This is partly down to a lack of understanding on what the genre can and should be. Anything that has retro synths and dreamlike vocals gets banded under the Chillwave moniker. Most of it isn’t that great, but every now and again something is released that gives you faith in the genre. A Copy for Collapse’s second album Waiting For does this in droves.

The title track kicks things off in fine fashion. A simple repetitive keyboard loop plays while other elements, bass, beat, feedback, FX, are slowly brought in to give the track body, purpose and meaning. The last thing to the be added are the vocals. The lyric is just a repetition of “Waiting For”. After a subtle and dexterous build up the track comes alive as all the incorporated elements buzz and intertwine to create something that not only sets up the album perfectly, but is thoroughly enjoyable. Confusion is up next, through piercing keyboard stabs and surging bass, reminiscent of Joy Division at their most claustrophobic, the tracks builds to a woozy beast that lives up to its name. OK, there is structure and it all follows a pattern and cycle, but it is organised disorientation.

The rest of the album follows this blueprint of stark, airless confined production with woozy sythns, wonky bass and vocals compressed and echoy to the point of being almost indecipherable. Grey Sunday closes the album, sounding like classic New Order, but Witch Housey at the same time. It’s sinister, oppressive and with the haunted vocals terrifyingly playable!

The only real downside to Waiting For is that you really have to wait until late night to enjoy it. And even then you need to be constantly driving round the North Circular, with the streetlamps flashing over you like a lazer reading a barcode. It’s been two years since A Copy for Collapse released their debut and this has definitely been worth waiting for!








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  1. This one surprised me, I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning but as I listened further I got totally sucked in.

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