21/06/2015 – Bully-Too Tough (2015)

Nashville indie rockers don’t suffer fools gladly on new incendiary single

Bully are exciting. It’s that simple. Lead by singer songwriter producer Alicia Bognanno, their songs have a take-no-prisoners vibe to them that’s hard not to admire. Walls of feedback interlace catchy sludge pop riffs to make Bully something not just to enjoy, but to admire too.

Too Tough is Bognanno laying into people “who don’t have the nerve to live up to their mistakes” she said recently. With lyrics like “Stop trying to blame everyone else” and “You’re trying to wear me down” this is a pretty apt description.

While there is nothing particular new or original about Bully, it’s just the L7/Babes in Toyland blueprint with a poppier twist, their self-produced debut album Feels Like could be one of the highlights of the year, if previous singles Trying and I Remember are anything to go by. The time feels right to get excited about angry lyrics over smouldering guitars and drums.









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