20/06/2015 – Yukon Blonde-Saturday Night (2015)

Canadian indie quartet return new sound and direction

Just when you think you know a band, they suddenly change the script. This is exactly what Yukon Blonde have done. In this past this Canadian indie outfit had been purveyors of indie power pop. Loads of hooks, melody and skewed guitars and what’s more they have the songs too. Now they’ve returned with new album On Blonde (get the joke?). While it’s pretty much business as usual, they’ve brought some synths and keyboards along too. The songs now have a 1980’s vibe that gives them a certain aesthetic. Similar to looking at old photographs that songs have a certain look and feel to them.

There is plenty to engage with here. All the songs have a summery feel to them and the harmonies work for the benefit of the song, rather than showing off the talents of the individual members. Opening track Confused pulses with energy and fun. Sounding at times like Bruce Springsteen at his most 1980’s. Como has a riff that was made to get stuck in your head for weeks at a time, and sadly for me it probably will. Saturday Night is what you’d expect, a ditty about Saturday Night. Instead of being as fun as playful as the previous tracks, Saturday Night has an undercurrent of danger and sleeve to it, thanks to the synths. Starvation has a woozy intro that sounds like Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells being put through a mangle! Closing track Jezebel sounds like the Killers when they have something to say.

While this is a fun album, it feels that lyrics aren’t their main love. There isn’t anything wrong with them, per say, but they do have a slightly sixth form feel about them. Or maybe they’ve just been listening to a lot of the Vaccines.  The jury is out as too whether these Canadians will strike gold or end up with a load of pyrite. Their claim is looking good, but chances are it might be a bit of both. With some providence a couple of nuggets might turn up for the future too. This is one band to keep and eye and ear on!









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