16/06/2015 – Kelly Lee Owens-Uncertain (2015)

Electro pop chanteuse looks set to make 2015 hers!



In February Kelly Lee Owens released her debut single Lucid. Produced by Owens and Ghost Culture, it was the perfect mix of dreamlike vocals and lurid synth. The 12” not only announced her on the electronic stage, but her intentions too. It showed that she was capable of not only writing emotive music, but through captivating hushed, almost whispered vocals, she could pull you in like a siren.



Owens has now released her follow up to Lucid. Uncertain sounds like Julee Cruise being produced by Dan Avery, as his most ethereal and ambient, is another reason to get excited about her slowly rising star. Again lurid music drifts through her mist like vocals, as Uncertain gently sways one way and another, all underpinned by a slowly surging bassline rumble.



Rumour has it that a debut album is being constructed as we speak and if her recent live show was anything to go by Owen’s will be very busy and on call for the rest of the year. This is definitely one new artist whose future is anything but uncertain!














  1. tinabasu said:

    You have a nice Collection nick

  2. Barbara said:

    Electro pop! She has a really nice voice. It will be interesting to see how the album does. 🙂

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