15/06/2015 – FEWS-Ill (2015)

Speedy Wunderground hit twelve releases in two years



To mark the twelfth release in the Speed Wunderground saga, Dan Carey and Co. have found something special. Swedish/Anglo group FEWS make the kind of space prog drone motorik that we’ve been waiting for! The track is so long that Carey and Co. have had to split it over both sides of SW012.



Just like the physical 7” this is a song of two halves. The distinction is simple. The half has lyrics, bridges and conventional structure, the second is pure drone riff based motorik goodness. Part one opens with a stuttering loop, slightly industrial, until the main riff kicks in and, basically, all hell breaks loose. Echoy vocals agglutinate with surging bass and robot drums. Part two bristles and pulsates with the kind of energy that is seldom seen these days, and let alone put to wax. Near the end everything is undulating in to a seething mass. Picking out the individual elements is nigh on impossible, but together they sound, quite possibly, like the best thing you’ve ever heard!



Like the previous eleven SW releases ILLS was written and recorded in a day, then mixed a few days after and off to the pressing plant within a week. Unsurprisingly, like the previous SW releases it is an uncompromising snapshot of the day it was recorded and of what can be achieved if you hunker down and push yourself to the limits.



With only 250 of these beautiful 7” singles knocking out, you’d best get hold of one now, or be forced to deal with the underside of the music industry. Namely touts and adhoc collectors…
















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