12/06/2015 – Ras G-Black Daffi’s Revenge (2015)

LA’s bass future Hip-Hop Afro-Centric Godfather does the ripe thing, for the last time as the Raw Fruit series comes to an end



Ras G returns with the fourth, and final instalment of the exemplary Raw Fruit series. As with the previous three, Ras G has picked some choice soul and R&B cuts, extracted the smallest sample, looped it, and manipulated it with vocal samples and studio magic to create thirty minutes of the sickest future Hip-Hop bass music since, well, Raw Fruit three.



Black Daffi’s Revenge kicks off with a vocal sample that not only sums up Ras G’s intentions for volume four, but quite possibly his ethos for life!



“What’s up with this? People don’t use tapes anymore”

“Shut the fuck up! Tapes is fresh”

“Wouldn’t CD’s be easier?”

“Once again, that’s the problem with the world today. The work you gotta put into a tape, that’s love. Used ta take a tape. Dub it. Re-dub it. Five generations over. Record a whole album in the headphones. That was love. These tapes is like a symbol of the struggle we went through to get here”



After this intro a beautiful soul loop sets the mood perfectly, then Jeremiah Jae’s trademark laconic vocals kick in and Black Daffi’s Revenge is off in an entirely different direction. At times it sounds like a classic RZA/Wu-Tang production, but due to Ras G’s deftness for touch and tone it doesn’t sound like a pastiche or copycatting.



What is refreshing, not just with this volume, but with all four is Ras G’s outline for them. “I just make em, record em, and on to the next one, no rules.” This musical freedom is liberating. Do what you want for as long as want, then move on. But let’s just get the record, sorry, tape straight, these aren’t throwaway songs. Ras G wasn’t just pissing about in his studio with a looming deadline and banged out thirty minutes of music. They have a point and purpose. At times they have a dreamlike, stream of consciousness vibe to them. Due to the simplicity of their composition, on the surface at least, Ras G has given himself poetic licence to follow a few strands of the track, the loop/beat/vocals until its logical conclusion, then once he’s done that on to the next one.



Tapes is love. I can personally remember when making a mixtape meant that. Trying to not only cram on as much music as possible, but to tell a story and convey emotions, feelings to the listener. And this is what Ras G has done with this series. Each volume has a different point and feel to them, but as a whole they tell a complete story. Ras G has certainly done the ripe thing with this series!














  1. Amar Naik said:

    your love with subject is clearly visible here 🙂 what are the other famous composition done by Ras G?

    • Anything he’s released on Brainfeeder is gold! The stuff on his Poobah Records is nothing short of genius. Check out his Spotify/Soundcloud/Youtube until you find something you like.

  2. My older son is more familiar with hip hop R&B than I am. I will have to ask him if he heard of this artist.

  3. I am just not a big Hip Hop fan, simply not something I’d listen to but still great to see/hear something I haven’t heard of yet.

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