05/06/2015 – Avalanche Party-Mountains (2015)

North Yorkshire band release debut EP. It’s more than we deserve



Since last year I have been waxing lyrical about Avalanche Party. The main reason for this is that they are brilliant. They write life affirming songs that give you faith guitar music. What’s more they’re hungry and have ideas. These are the two most important things to know about Avalanche Party. They don’t appear to want to settle with playing the toilet circuit of the UK music scene. They want the top spot, but they also have the songs to take them there.


Opening with the amazing Obstacle, sadly re-recorded here, the Avalanche Party EP gets off to a fine start. Sounding like a mixture of Mclusky, QOTSA, Gregorian Monks chanting, the Stooges and countless bands from the Nuggets it’s still utterly fantastic! Next up is Revolution. A pummelling assault of guitars and drums with biting lyrics to match. After these old friends it’s new track Mountains. This is where the EP picks up a notch as Avalanche Party do what they do best, but writing a heartfelt vitriolic lament while trying to cave our heads in through viscous indie rock. Next up is Let’s Get Together, another newbie. Opening with a barrage of drums and guitars it’s more of the Mclusky/QOTSA/the Stooges/Nuggets blueprint for three minutes. The EP closes with old favourite Money. This slows the EP down, musically speaking, as Money is a smouldering beast. It shows that Avalanche Party are capable writing something that never quite breaks, but has all the malice and intent of their faster tracks. It is as unsettling as it is auspicious.



The only downside of the EP is the re-recorded version of Obstacle and the inclusion of Money. Obstacle didn’t need to be re-recorded as it was perfect the way it was. Its lo-fi production methods coupled with the energy and overpowering feedback. I totally understand why these songs have been included. They’re amazing, but given the strength of their live sets, it seems a missed trick to give us something we already have. Having said all this, the EP is a total belter and backs up everything that we’ve come to know and expect from this North Eastern quintet.














  1. tinabasu said:

    Great vocals, you have great taste in music

  2. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ve wanted to write about music for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. You’ve inspired some ideas with this post, plus, shared some awesome music!

  3. Wow, you are right they are absolutely brilliant. I need music like this in my life.

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