30/05/2015 – Sulky Boy-Things Betwixt (2105)

Five releases into in Art is Hard’s Hand Cut Record Club, and first from Brighton’s Lo-Fi melancholy hero



Sulky Boy AKA Dan Taylor definitely lives up to his name. On new track Things Betwixt Taylor has channelled his inner teenager and written something that lies between a diary entry and parody, but Taylor sums it up better himself when he said Things Betwixt is about ‘hormones, moving house and the destructive power of randy, angry teenagers’.



Despite Things Betwixt sounding like it was recorded in a wet cardboard box, there is plenty to engage with. The choruses are catchy, albeit muffled, sounding like a more laid back Connan Mockasin and cult favourites Hefner, but this is all part of Taylor’s charm and all in keeping with his output on Beech Coma and Taylor’s own Echocamp imprint.



As with all the Art is Hard Hand Cut Record Club, HCRC, this has probably just sold out as you finish reading, but if it hasn’t this is something that you need to snap up, as I have a funny felling it’ll be collectable!




















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