28/05/2015 – Nick Diamonds–Bohemian Groove (2015)

Canadian indie empresario returns with another alias and sound



Nick Diamonds AKA Nicholas Thorburn is a very busy boy. When he’s not performing in Islands, Human Highway, Reefer, SERIAL, The Unicorns or Mister Heavenly, to name a few, he’s now using the guise Nick Diamonds. City of Quartz is the new album under the Nick Diamonds monkier, and the follow of to 2011’s acclaimed debut album I Am an Attic.



Bohemian Groove is the latest teaser track released from City of Quartz. Opening with an electro dubby beat it eventually skews into poppy electro-calypso. Bohemian Groove is whimsically playful track that jitters and skitters along for three minutes, but don’t let the goodtime summer vibes fool you, there is are slightly weird darker things going on under the surface. Lyrics such as “Like a wave I crash into you all day, come on let’s misbehave” and “I don’t care if we get there and they don’t like it, I don’t care and “I hate my job for Christ sake, so come on lady let’s go on walking looking for a fight. I go out swinging, I’ll make it all day I’ll last all night” juxtapose the light and playful melodies with lyrical themes that wouldn’t be out of place in a Chuck Palahniuk book.



If Bohemian Groove and fellow singles Witch Window and The Sting are anything to go by City of Quartz looks set to be a tour de force. Thornburn has expertly mixed an indie sensibility, darkly surreal lyrics, tight drum machine beats, expansive Ennio Morricone guitars and wonky woozy synths. All that’s left to do now is wait (un)patiently for city of Quartz’s release on June 6th and to play Bohemian Groove again, on loop, like an electro-calypos mantra.
















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