27/05/2015 – Odd Rival-Slave (2015)

West London garage punk trio announce debut EP with teasing video



What’s not to like about Odd Rival? They’re young, play loud and fast, write brilliant songs. They’re live sets are incendiary and they’re hungry to make it. As I said, what’s not to like? July sees the release of their debut EP Keep Repeating. If lead track Slave is anything to go by, it looks set to be one of the releases of the summer.



Opening to a barrage of guitar riffs and vocals, Slave sounds like Longcut and Foals, but with the riffs of Swervedriver at their heaviest. During the middle 8 there is a surprise baggy vibe, showing that while Odd Rival enjoys playing loud and fast, they’re also here for fun to. Patrick Smith’s rich echoy vocals juxtapose his brother Chris’ guitar licks perfectly. Alastair Batchelor’s drums complete the mix by constantly filling the space left by the brothers Smith. Slave is a perfect lead track and introduction to their debut EP.



As Slave finishes it gives you hope that across the country kids are still picking up guitars, forming bands and writing music as exciting and enjoyable as this. If you know any naysayers who have lamented guitar music’s demise, play them Odd Rival and see if they still think the same.



Odd Rival play at Mau Mau’s in Portobello Road on June 6th, if you have any sense you’ll get down there and see them make rivals of everyone else on the bill!














  1. There is nothing better than live music it just moves the soul I love the hope that younger generations are picking up those guitars.

  2. And yes I have now put them on my playlist. Really great music.

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