21/05/2015 – Vant-Parasite (2015)

September 4th – 6th. Myrtle Park. Bingley. Bradford. West Yorkshire. These dates ones you should book off work, as the Bingley Music Festival is back! This years festival is shaping up to be an unmissable weekend or music and entertainment. The line-up is one of the strongest of this year’s festivals. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss West Yorkshire’s hidden festival secret!



Deaf School



Appearing on the Discovery Stage are Liverpool’s art rock pioneers Deaf School. Since the mid 1970s Deaf School have been mixing cabaret, Punk, vaudeville and New Wave, and challenging and winning over audience’s wherever they’ve played. This is one band that you will definitely not want to miss seeing live!








Psychedelic, broody, heavy, atmospheric and loud are four words to describe Leeds based Weirds. Their brand of raucous psych should win over any festival go-er. At the end of their blistering live set, a new group of fans will emerge and help spread the word of this exciting four piece.





Tom Prior



No every musician has the ability to write engaging thought provoking lyrics while delivering flawless music. This is exactly what Tom Prior does. Even at this early stage in his career he is being compared to the Streets for his honest lyrical portrayal of Britain in 2015. Musically however he’s more akin to Alex Turner and Jamie T’s brand of heavy melodic stomping indie anthems. Remember his name, as he looks set to be around for a while!







Mattie Vant writes the kind of indie pop songs that only come out of turmoil. Originally from the North East of England, Vant moved to Brighton and then finally to London where his plans for World domination are being orchestrated. Ripping up venues across the UK this year already, VANT looks set to blow Bingley apart in September. Remember you heard them here first!





Super Furry Animals



Super Furry Animals. SFA. Super Blewog Anifeiliaid or however you want to call them needs no introduction. SFA have returned after a five year hiatus with a fire in their heart and belly to reclaim their spot at the top of the UK’s live scene. If their recent comeback shows are anything to go by, this will be a hit and run, pack full of hits and fan favourites. If you miss this band at Bingley you will rue it until the day you die!





So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to have one of the best weekends. Ever!













  1. There are many bands I haven’t even heard of. I must be super old!

  2. Amar Naik said:

    there is going to be display of awesome talent. lucky will be people who will be experience the show live 🙂

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