15/05/2015 – Great Escape 2015!!!

It’s that time of year again and Brighton is a-calling!



The Great Escape is upon us once more. What better reason to head to Brighton than a weekend of live music! This year is bigger than ever. While I relish the problem of not knowing who to see and when, it can lead to clashing’s. Here are my picks of the artists you should definitely be checking out this year and where they’re playing.



Sasha Siem – Paganini Ballroom 15/05/2015 12-12:30 PM



Sasha Siem is one of the most original and exciting artists playing this year. Her debut album showcased not only her ability to write amazing pop songs, but also her gift at composition. Where else can you hear classical, jazz, indie, pop and a junkyard rhythm section in one song?





Remi Miles – The Basement, North Laines 3.50pm, Hotel Pelirocco (acoustic show) 8.00pm, Nowhere Man (acoustic show) 10.15pm 15/05/2015 and The Open Market 16/05/2015 1-1:30 PM



Local Brighton artist Remi Miles has a slew of shows this weekend, so you’ll probably catch him somewhere. Miles makes great soul pop with a hint of 60’s style. His vocals run over you like thick molasses and are harder to remove from you head. Big things are tipped for this Killing Moon artist, and rumour has it there is an album being crafted as we speak. This is definitely one to watch out for!





K.Flay – Komedia 16/05/2015 1:30PM – 2:00 PM



American indie underground Hip-Hop artist K.Flay should need no introductions, but I’ll deliver her ego another boost by giving her one. While at Stanford University K.Flay started experimenting in music, when she graduated she released a slew of mixtapes and EP’s until she got the attention of Sony Music. After another blistering EP, she went back to the studio, but the fruits of her labours were never released and they apart company. Last year she released her long waited debut album Life as a Dog, to critical applause. This is a set you HAVE to see!





The Death of Pop – Pavilion Tavern 16/05/2015



This quintet channel the spirit of C-86, Shoegazing and Noise Pop with a slight prog penchant for swooping soundscapes to create wonderful maelstroms of noise and confusion that are laden down with melody and purpose. What’s more they’re bloody fun! Big things are on the horizon for this bunch of Southerners, so catch them before they get promoted to the next level of gig venues!





The Hundredth Anniversary – Pavilion Tavern 16/05/2015



My previous selections have been quite raucous, so let’s slow things down for a moment. The Hundredth Anniversary makes a hazy melodic indie rock. Their songs are full of emotion and intrigue, but they know when to let rip. They are purveyors of the quiet-LOUD-quiet formula, and use it to full extent in their live shows. This promises to be something special!





Tyrannosaurus Dead – Pavilion Tavern 16/05/2015



My last tip for the weekend is possibly the one you should definitely get down to. The reason for this is simple. It’s the last T-Dead gig in Brighton. Ever. No really. At the end of the month they are calling it a day. T-Dead make the kind of music that makes you glad that you don’t like generic pop. Singer Billy Lowe’s lyrics are brilliant slices of life, which only come from looking at life with the right kind of eyes. At times you feel he’s ripped them straight from his diary. This looks set to be an absolute belter of a set, and who knows they might even play 1992….





So there you have it, if you any of these performances your weekend, and possibly life, will be all the better for it. Or you could just walk about and follow your ears, either way you’ll be in for a great weekend!











  1. I loved reading about these bands. Wish I was there. But my days of attending functions are over. I’m a little sad, but I’ve had my time of youth. I hope the weekend Great Escape goes well for all involved.

  2. aingham69 said:

    I love reading your posts about music. I always find something new and interesting. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending though as I live too far away. I don’t really do events and functions like this, anyway, with a two-year-old in the house. I hope you enjoy the weekend.

  3. Scott said:

    There’s a great live music festival in Wisconsin every year that is the nation’s biggest. We’re hoping to attend this year!

  4. I can’t go to concerts or anything like that, my heart and then later on my lungs take on the rhythm of the bass, which then tends to give me problems with breathing, yeah no fun. But I hope you’ll enjoy Brighton !

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