11/05/2015 – Wiley-Chasing the Art (2015)

Grime’s grand master returns, changes game again



In the history of UK Hip-Hop one name keeps cropping up again and again. Wiley. He’s basically done it all. He’s released utterly filthy grime tracks, incredible Hip-Hop albums and number 1 pop bangers and after eleven years, yes eleven, he’s still releasing music that not only challenges, but is bloody great too!



New single Chasing the Art is filled with all the trademark Wiley lyrics we’ve come to expect and love. He mentions London, obviously as it’s his greatest muse, “Not a grass, I don’t need compensation, I’d be further if I was more patient, Like waiting for the trains at Euston station” his Nan, “But it’s dead where I’m standing, couldn’t been stranded, If I never worked every day like my Nan did, Some dons, they don’t wanna work thought, While I’m here sitting with a workload, Even though I didn’t get paid any money for my first shows, In music, I’ve got a name that the world knows” and Grime itself “I’ve got time on my hands, grime in my hand, But grime, me and fans, we was in a full circle, They look into your life, don’t matter if it’s personal, Could be good, could be hurtful” But by far the best lyric is the opening line, showing he’s not lost any of this self-depreciating humour, and modesty “Who ate all the pies? It was me, Wiley, Top boy riddims, yeah, made by me”



Special mention needs to be given to the HeavyTrackerz who produced Chase the Art. It sounds current, but at the same time, like nothing else going on. Opening with what sounds like an Oompah Band accordion underneath a catchy keyboard loop, then BAM, the beat kicks in and it’s on! Wiley’s vocals are fast and frenetic, spitting at a million miles an hour, but never losing the point of his rhymes. While it’s basically a bragging, saying how great he is, what he’s done, and still yet to do, it’s brilliant. In fact it’s so good I can’t wait to hear someone playing it stupidly loud as they curse round or drives to the shops for some Cherry Sprite and a load of junk food.



Wiley appears to be going through another golden period, which is great for us, but other rappers and producers must be getting sick with always coming second best. Maybe they should start chasing the art, instead of just following it.











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  1. I have lost my touch with Hip Hop. I used to listen to it a lot in my teen years but just not into it anymore

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