07/05/2015 – Waterfall Person-Offaly Good (2015)

Australian Lo-Fi artist releases new album on leftfield indie. Match made in heaven!



Waterfall Person has a gift. At first this gift might not be apparent, due to wonky keyboards, woozy guitars and lo-fi vocals, but after a few listens of new album Bug Byte, the mist begins to clear and it all starts to make sense. Bug Byte is chocked full of insanely catchy melodies and childlike stream of consciousness lyrics “I look into the past, do you miss me” and “What’s on the menu, if is it offaly good?”



The only downside to the album is this. Firstly it’s only twenty nine minutes long. One listen isn’t After multiple repeat plays the tracks start to grate a bit, due to their simplicity and lo-fi recordings. However before this happens, their imperfections really pull the whole thing together.



Luckily for us Waterfall Person is pretty prolific and has many releases on Bandcamp, so hopefully the follow up won’t take long to emerge!












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