03/05/2015 – Grace Moon and the Jaguar-Summer City (2015)

Theatrical duo create something remarkable on debut EP



The debut EP from Grace Moon and the Jaguar is like stepping back in time. Imagine Caro Emerald performing on a Michel Legrand score for a version of the Age of Reason made in the 1960’s. OK this isn’t exactly true, but it’s close. They take elements from the past and create something new.



Stand out track Summer City oozes sensuality and intrigue. Grace Moons vocals are sweet, but not sacchariney. They complement the Jaguar (JB Pilon)’s playing perfectly. What makes this track such a joy to listen to is the underlying horn section. They add a level of melodies and harmonies for Moon and Pilon to drop in an out of.



The only downside to the EP is that at times you just want to hear the music and not have Moon warbling over the top of it, but these sections pass and you’re being blow away again by another cinematic moment. If you like early Postishead, film noir film scores and lyrical jazz albums this is for you!












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