02/05/2015 – Annabell;Lee-Mortville Fugitive (2015)

Indiana hardcore kids finally get the recognition they deserve



One thing I love about hardcore bands is after they have broken up, their complete recordings can be fitted onto one CD’s or vinyl. I Saw It All Unfold: The Complete Recordings Of Annabel;Lee is such an album.

From what I can gather Annabel;Lee formed at a high school in rural Indiana, and tried to be different from the other Christian punk, hardcore bands. In doing so they not only opened themselves up to something more interesting, they helped create a scene too. Instead of heavy breakdowns and screaming, they were using the loud, quiet, loud technique along with heartfelt lyrics to create something they enjoyed. And it worked, the songs on I Saw it All Unfold might sounds like bigger hardcore bands, but at the same time every track sounds like Annabel;Lee. Then, for some reason, they just stopped. As a friend once said to me “Only you know when it’s time to leave the party” Part of me admires a band who knows when they’ve had enough.



What first hits you about Annabel;Lee is not just intensity, it’s there, or the passion, again it’s there, but it’s the pride they put across playing and singing these songs. XRA Records have done a great job trawling and compiling this compilation, it really comes across as a labour of love, and the pride they have for it shows as much as in the songs itself. Rumour has it there aren’t many physical copies left, so you better get one while you can, because this ain’t being re-pressed anytime soon…











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