01/05/2015 – Avalanche Party-Revolution (2015)

The North East’s premier riff chasers gear up for new EP



Avalanche Party are a breath of fresh air. They make the kind of racket that every teenager craves for, let alone thirty something’s. In a short time they have gone from four young guys mixing heavy riffs with Gregorian chants for a laugh in a bedroom, to a fully functioning band producing some of the best music this side of the wall*!



After a pummelling assault of guitars and drums, new single Revolution, throws up these biting lyrics “I don’t want your blood, it don’t fizz like mine, you got something killing everyone inside. I don’t want your skin, it don’t fit like mine, you’ve got something I would crush teeth for” after which another musical assault take place before the avalanche of a chorus “Revolution Time!” kicks in. Are they claiming that they are starting the revolution or are these subtle references to the upcoming General Election?





Once again the video is another surreal trip through Avalanche Party’s collective psyches. Cross dressing, Japanese masks, desolate moors, parallel dimensions triggered by trip switches, it’s basically Terry Gilliam’s tour of the North.



Avalanche Party sound like they have an axe to grind. They’ve made a list and are systematically crossing names off. While this is a slightly terrifying thought, it’s actually one that yields immense pleasure. Avalanche Party are, possibly, the most exciting new band around at the moment and it surely won’t be long before they’re adorning magazine covers and creating a storm in venues across the country. Remember you heard them here first…













*The Westeros Wall, not Pink Floyd’s


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