29/04/2015 – MXLX-At Time Temple (2015)

Bristol’s experimental guiding light  fourth release of the year so far…



When I think about Matt Williams and his many musical guises, I picture him in a darkened room, surrounded by instruments, constant prison rollies smouldering in an ashtray, with a fevered look in his eye, as he tries to get the sounds, noises and melodies out of his head and into the world, screaming and yelping his vocals, with a stack of tinned mackerel to keep him going if/when he gets hungry. The truth is probably more mundane and less romantic. But given Matt’s musical track record, anything is possible.



His latest and forth release this year is simply titled At Time Temple. In a nut shell it is two slabs of music, one 22 minutes the other 15. Opening slab titled Disastrchasr // Bad Sigil starts with a delicate guitar and bass riff that grows slightly more broody as it advances, underneath this a throbbing guitar line enters the mix followed by driving drums. Within one minute twenty we are now engulfed in a euphoria of driving post-rock. As the pace quickens as does the intensity. Seven minutes in, there is a slight respite from the abrasive onslaught, the drumming stops and a swath of guitar fills the void. Around ten minutes it all goes quiet and Bad Sigill starts. Melancholic synth replaces post-rock guitars. The intensity is still there, but it’s a lot more subtle. Tender guitar riffs are juxtaposed with feedback the thundering bass. Slowing the noise increases, but compared to Disastrchasr this is a lullaby.



Second slab 666 Quest // Zone Away might be slightly shorter, but it packs just as much of a punch. Disastrchasr // Bad Sigil took it’s time to slowly build tension, 666 Quest // Zone Away jumps straight in and we’re off. With every note that Matt plays, he tightens the screw that little bit more. This is claustrophobic post-rock at its best. Distorted vocals merge with wailing feedback and guitars. 666 Quest was a burn your ears out, Zone Away sounds as it’s described. Mantra chanting vocals mingle with Eastern sounding tonal guitars. This is a slow and, dare I saw, a mellow end to the EP.



Rumour has it that Williams isn’t finished with 2015, as he has another MXLX album and a new Gnar Hest in the can and ready to go. At Time Temple is available to download or on 12” vinyl. There are only 100 so if you want one of these exquisite sounding EP’s you’d better hurry as they’re flying out the door!











  1. Amy said:

    I wonder how close your imagined scenario is to the truth! Pretty eerie sounding music! (And what’s a prison rollie?)

  2. emilia m. said:

    though totally not my music – it is amazing how many facts, stories, anecdotes etc you find and put into your posts!

  3. I have to say this is a great track. Something I definitely needed to listen to today!

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