26/04/2015 – Built to Spill-On the Way (2015)

Idaho indie legends return with best album in years



What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, other than watching the Secrets of My Success on ITV, is to listen to the new Built to Spill album? Its lethargic sounding mixture of fuzzy indie is perfect for a lazy Sunday. It’s been six years in their last long player, There is No Enemy, but this hiatus has only improved their song writing on new album Untethered Moon.



Opening track All Our Songs kicks the proceedings in fine form. It is six minutes of crunching guitars, driving drums and purring bass. Living Zoo sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs being fronted by Michael Stipe. On the Way has a stompy guitar riff, with country leanings. Some Other Song is reminiscent of Neil Young at his most poignant with old Blackie wailing. The album closes with When I’m Blind, by far the stand out track on the album. In its eight minutes we find Built to Spill doing what they do best, making a massive noise while never losing track of the melody or rhythm.



Untethered Moon is a return to form after a long break. It is possibly the most immediately enjoyable album Built to Spill have ever released. The band sound like they’re having a blast and it comes across in the music. Let’s just hope the follow up isn’t in another six years.











  1. emilia m. said:

    have no idea about the group (sorry) … but the kittens on the cover – adorable 🙂

  2. Melinda said:

    Oh my! I haven’t heard the songs you mention and my computer won’t let me play them…. I am a bit backward when it comes to pop culture and really should remedy that. Thanks for sharing!

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