25/04/2015 – Cristobal Tapia de Veer-Brainwave Playground (2014)

Last week despite my exulting and rallies I didn’t partake in Record Store Day. There were a few reasons for this, which I will explain now. Firstly I didn’t like this year’s list. despite a couple of exceptional things I thought it was pretty weak. Since 2013 the list has got weaker and more diluted. It appears that the ethos of the day seems to have been lost under a tidal wave of pointless re-issues and wanky picture discs. Secondly, as I’ve mentioned, there were only one or two things that I actually wanted and I couldn’t justify the time and energy it would take to obtain them. Get up at six. Leave the house at seven. Get to Rough Trade West for eight. Moan about my rubbish place in the queue. The only highlight would be playing the game Collector or eBayer, but after a while that gets tedious. And thirdly it was sunny and I wanted to go out and watch the football and get drunk. These are all valid reasons, so I opted out.



On Monday I called around the record shops that I frequent on a regular basis and asked if they had the one record I was after. I was told by all four that they hadn’t received a single copy. This made me feel happier for not going out after all. There is nothing worse than partaking in RSD only to find out that the shop you selected wasn’t even stocking the thing you wanted. It’s happened before and it’s not fun. So I resorted to the internet. Sadly what I was looking for was there, and there were multiple copies on eBay. The first I saw was over a hundred pounds. Sod that! The next copy I found was over sixty. I wasn’t tempted. Then I thought let’s try Discogs. People that sell on Discogs are generally collectors and fans, rather than someone out for a quick buck. It was a similar story to eBay. Over inflated prices. I felt dejected. I left it a couple of days, then I looked back and there it was. A sealed copy for the same price as it has been on RSD.



I did some research and the seller was in fact an actual record shop in Manchester that put their stock online. They weren’t out to make a killing on a slightly leftfield and bizarre item. They wanted to charge the same as they had on RSD and the postage was only a fiver too. So I snapped it up. This morning it arrived and I am currently listening to it now. Now I expect you’re wondering what the record was that I spent a week trying to track down? Why it’s this….















  1. Wow. I’ve never seen a green record before!

  2. Dee said:

    Glad I stopped by your blog! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the great work!

  3. I always hated when that happened, even with CD’s back in the 90’s you go to your special shop that usually has everything in the smalles music corners but then they don’t have it. The Green record looks amazing!

  4. Love the green colour! Glad you managed to find what you wanted without being ripped off. Enjoyed the banter before the great unveiling.

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