19/04/2015 – DR:WR-Staring At The Light For Far Too Long EP (2015)

Experimental psychedelic unit release electro infused EP



Sounding like the Doctor Who theme remixed by Slugabed DR:WR’s Staring At The Light For Far Too Long is twelve minutes of bouncy electro uplifting psychdelica. Throughout its duration the tension is slowly built up, taken down and built up again by subtle changes in pitch and a never ending synth loop.



What makes Staring At The Light For Far Too Long such great listen is despite its gargantuan length it never gets boring. Just when you think you’ve got is worked out, it skews another way and carries on in that vein until it skews again.



Rumour has it that they are currently working on a long player, given the quality and depth of Staring At The Light For Far Too Long and last year’s excellent Trippin’ Daggers Inner Skull Metal Blade Musique EP, DR:WR are definitely a band to keep an eye, and ear out for.











  1. Scott said:

    That’s an interesting genre. It was neat to hear, but this one probably isn’t my style.

  2. shandryss said:

    Was nice to listen this song…interesting style. Although I don’t listen to music often (weird…I know) this was nice. Have a great evening!

  3. Though I agree that it has a Doctor Who feel to it, it completely drove me nuts lol I couldn’t finish listening to it ha h a

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