17/04/2015 – Record Store Day Special

It’s that time of year again when Record Store Day rears its ugly head. What started off as a great idea has been co-opted by dark powers and is just another day for the industry to make money. I know parts of that last sentence might make me sound a little naïve, but I’m really not. I know very well that the bottom line for every label, from indie to major, is profit. You need to make money from your releases so you can either sign new bands, or have enough for another album or single. What I don’t like about RSD is how in recent years the list is full of needless re-issues. Who’s really going to get the re-issue of Aerosmith or David Bowie when the original albums are still available? I know some might say “But it’s 180 gram vinyl, it’s the best sound quality ever” While this is slightly true, if you don’t have the best deck, mixer and speakers you’re wasting your money and time.



Despite this opening diatribe, there are some releases in this year’s list that do look good enough to warrant getting up at 5, to be out the house at 6 to be in the queue for 7 to get, so when the doors open at 9 you stand a reasonable chance of getting them.



First up are Kitty, Daisy and Lewis-Baby Bye Bye


What makes this a classic RSD release comes down to two things. Firstly it’s a picture disc. RSD LOVES a picture disc. Secondly it features an unlikely collaboration. SlimKid3 from the Pharcyde is guesting on the track. As far as RSD collaborations go this is up there! I have no idea how this will actually sound overall, but as the video below shows it’s very similar to the original track. Will there be a verse here and there from SlimKid3, or it will be totally remixed and end up sounding like the clip all the way through. Either way I’m going to try and hunt it down.





Next up is !!!-All You Writers/Gonna Guetta Stomp



!!! have been going for more years than I care to remember. All You Writers/Gonna Guetta Stomp is their first new material since 2013 Thr!!!ler album. The press release says “All U Writers maintains that quintessential !!! trait of blending electronic and organic elements in dance”. This is true. What the press release doesn’t say is that it’s bloody addictive and after one listen you’ll want to hear it again and again and again! Personally this is the best thing !!! has done for a while, and reminds me what I liked about them originally. Another reason to get it on Saturday.





Third on the list is The Wytches-Wastybois.



These Brighton noise mongers have be delighting me for a while now and their debut album last year showed that they were well worthy of the praise they’d received. Wastybois is a split double A-Side with Hooton Tennis. RSD loves a split double A-Side, as much as it loves coloured and picture discs. Will this rank as highly as Mastodon and Fiest remains to be seen, but given the quality of this four minute banger I’m going to try my best to get it home.





Lastly I have picked David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto-Bamboo Huoses/Bamboo Music



While I don’t usually like re-issues on RSD this one is too good to not mention. Originally released in 1982 this slice of synth post-punk sounds a fresh as it did then. Now re-mastered and with new artwork, this RSD version is a must have in any purveyor of early electronica.





There are a few other items on this year’s list that I’m after, but if I mention them then I run the risk of missing out. While this has a cavalier attitude to it, it’s sadly also a part of RSD’s problem.















  1. Stacey said:

    I don’t think I’ve had a record player in 20 years! I went from record to CD, but there really was something fun about putting the records on the machine.

  2. 🙂 I am an 80’s rock and pop fan but always enjoy listening to all types of music. Bamboo Houses is lovely, Nick! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. TheSameTwin said:

    Wastybois = ♥

  4. Record Store Day sounds awesome! We do not have anything like that here in the states. It seems like nowadays people only buy their music online. It sounds fun:)

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