16/04/2015 – The Death of Pop-When We’re Awake (2015)

Southern shoegazers remaster and reignite back catalogue



The Death of Pop constantly releases music that makes me smile. I can’t really work out how they do it. Probably it’s a combination of beautiful melodies buried under the noise of tortured guitars and slice of life lyrics. New album Runts is chocked full of all of these things, plus more.



The track listing should be familiar to any fan of the band, as ten of the tracks were released on last year’s Two Thousand and Thirteen compilation. These ten tracks have been extensively remastered and, not getting into techie territory, they sound totally different from their original incarnations. There is an urgency that was missing from the original. The remaining four tracks are brand new. Can’t Be Blame, When We’re Awake and Keep Me Guessing all previously unreleased, the last track is the original four track demo for Kiss Me Quickly (Kill Me). Through limited production techniques XXXXX.



What the Death of Pop successfully has done with the new songs on Runts, is they’ve taken their original sound, but added a melancholic eighties vibe to. It shows that they are capable of touching the heart strings as well thrashing about.



The album is limited to 100 CD’s, so get in there now or forever hold your peace… and have to trawl record fares for a copy.












      • Mary B said:

        Ha! I hate it when I don’t finish a thought. I could listen to those tracks for hours.

  1. Interesting post. Not sure I really cared for the music personally, but I will give it another whirl later today and see how I fill about it at that time.

  2. Rosemae said:

    It’s originality made the band so different. There no such thing as “original”, for it is the main reason why people will get and be addicted to it. It is a perfect combination. Addicted person of music will surely grab this limited CD’s.

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