15/04/2015 – Grimm Doza-Gwap (2015)

New Jersey trip hoppers release new beat tape



Stoner 63 is the latest release from Grimm Doza. This New Jersey group have pushed the boundaries of where beat music can go. Instead of spending too long getting to the crux of track, they jump straight in with the hook. From there they take the listener on a hypnotic and relaxing journey.



The album jumps from library music samples, space hip-hop, jazz infused breaks, Wu-Tang inspired instrumentals and full on filthy bangers. Stand out track Gwap showcases the deftness of their production. Opening with muffled beats, akin to being under water, the filter changes and everything is clear. From then on the track meanders through jazzy bass until it’s logical conclusion.



This isn’t a perfect album though. Some of the tracks feel far too short and some of the tracks feel like demos that haven’t been realised fully. Having said that, Stoner 63 is incredibly addictive and even after a few listens it doesn’t get boring.











  1. Sometimes I wonder if you make the names of these groups up (lol!) Once again – amazed at what I can learn while on your blog! Thanks for opening my ears up to a new sound!

  2. vixxbuzz said:

    I like it when the music feels more finished. But, I love that they are pushing boundaries and making a difference in today’s music! Thanks for sharing.

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