14/04/2015 – King of Cats-Incorrect (2015)

Brighton Lo-Fi artist announces new album and single



Last year Max Levy AKA King of Cats released Working Out. It was twenty nine minutes of heart wrenching honesty that divided as many people as it won over. Incorrect is the new single from forthcoming album Microwave Oven. What Levy has effectively done is take the avant-garde elements of Working Out, but coupled it with a catchy melody.



The video for Incorrect is great too. Levy and Joey Four have made a surreal love story about an alien who doesn’t take rejection too well. To call it surreal is an understatement! Incorrect’s video contains the same fuzzy lo-fi charm the song does, but it covers it in tinfoil.



Microwave Oven is available to pre-order now through the good folks at Art Reeks. Given the calibre of Working Out and this single, Microwave Oven should be anything but incorrect!











  1. jen said:

    Fun video! Thanks for the review

  2. Dinner at the Zoo said:

    I really enjoyed this video, I love hearing different types of music that I haven’t been exposed to before.

  3. Rosemae said:

    A very unique name for the album. Quite interesting and the video was good. I love it.

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