05/04/2015 – Hunck-So Far So Deep (2015)

North London melody peddlers return



Last year Hunck showed that you didn’t have to employ face melting guitar tricks to create forward thinking music. This week they have returned with new single So Far So Deep. This is a slow burning three minutes, showing that less certainly does deliver more.



So Far So Deep is crammed full of melody and pathos that it takes a few listens to penetrate its core. After this has happened, you experience luscious, gooey production that is hard to extract from your ears. On this weekend especially, this is the musical equivalent of a cream egg!



Rumour has it that Thom, Fred and Co. are carefully crafting a long player, and it should be out later this year. If this, and last year’s Something Missing EP, are anything to go by, it could be one of the high water marks of 2015!



Hunck are playing at the Finsbury on April 16th, also on the bill are friends of thisyearinmusic Two Hands. This looks set to be an amazing night of music. Miss at your peril…











  1. Interesting jazz sounds – Something that I need to be in the mood to listen to in order to appreciate it. I am more of a beach Beach person (from yesterday’s post). Maybe becuase I just work up and like the ‘simple’ sounds as opposed to the more intricate beats and rhythms that Hunck has.

    In any case, I have bookmarked them on Spotify and will return to listen later today!

    • I agree you need to be in the mood for this, but once you are, it’s sublime.

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